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Thread: Must see TV tonight...

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    SAR I
    Those four poor shlubs they show after the O'Brien pick all went to my summer camp. The guy they interviewed at the end was a Group Counselor, huge Jets fan. He won a contest by the NFL a year or two before this for correctly picking the most first round draft picks. They sent him to the Super Bowl for winning. Lucky dog.

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    One of the great "What Ifs" for the Jets, isn't just "What if the Jets took Marino" but... "What if O'Brien didn't get hurt in 1986"

    O'Brien's first full season as QB 1985 (25 TDs 8 INTs/3,888 Yards) + first 11 games of 1986 (23TDs, 8 INTs, 2,749 Yards) and they match with almost any other young QB. 48 TDs, 16 INTs, 250 yards per game during that run.

    Now, he was sacked 62 times in 1985 and 90 times over the 2 years... Including those final 5 games in 1986 O'Brien threw 75tds and 78 INTs over the rest of his career


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