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Thread: Get to work fellas....

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    (┌・。・)┌ lolgfy

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    go back to Latvia!!

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    from the RealGM Knicks forum:

    Was down in Miami three years ago during Stoudemire's first season but never intended to go to a Knicks game. I'm in Saint Petersburg roughly 5-7 hours (depending on traffic) from Miami and only went down in order to drop my wife off at her fathers for two days. He was moving back to his country of Latvia, I was very close to her dad for many of years since I was a teen but just thought it wouldn't be right to be in the middle of her last couple of days with her dad. Long story short I went and got a room for two nights and the room only had basic cable with no internet. I was going mad bored to say the least, so went walking around the area until I found a newspaper. Seen the Knicks @ Miami game was about to tipoff in under an hour, so I jumped in the car, asked for directions and found myself at American Airlines Arena. Was a weird feeling walking into the arena, an anxious one, because the last time I seen a live Knicks game was during my childhood years of growing up in Queens. So I am amped. Alone and all. What a way to kill some time. Turned out to be an amazing game got to witness Anthony/Stoudemire lead us to victory.

    Long story short, if you can catch a Knicks game alone inside of your living room, you can without question catch a Knicks game live while being alone. Would've much rather had my older brother or my girl alongside to high five and celebrate with but I was just in awe of the whole situation. Nothing beats catching a Madison Square Garden game though. American Airlines Arena can't compare in regards to intensity/atmosphere although it felt like at least 30-40% Knick fans.

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    "Lonely Man Attends NBA Game By Himself"

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    Are you suggesting that's a former poster? Remember what we learned in the Boston thread? We shouldn't jump to conclusions - people get hurt.

    This could be anyone.


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