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Thread: Jets High On QB NAssib

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seagirt View Post
    True enough. These QB's this year are second rounders, by most accounts. If we trade back a bit... we can still get a Guard, a TE , and a CB..... Trufant probably wont last till 39, but DJ could be there.

    .... btw..... Coradelle the WR is really falling due to interviews. Low wonderlic, maybe...

    Patterson's interviews have "turned off" some teams, according to sources, coming off as "egotistical" to go along with questions about his mental aptitude to quickly digest and execute a NFL playbook. His physical upside is undeniable and he simply knows how to make plays with the ball in his hands. But doubts about the way he carries himself could cause Patterson to slip on draft day, probably out of the top 20 selections.
    yeah but hows his body language

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    I would be happy as a pig in **** if the Bills were forced to take Nassib at 8 because of fear of the jets smokescreen.
    That would be pretty fukin funny. Please, pretty please let this happen.

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    if the jets wanted nassib, pauline and palontonio would not be spreading this all over the airwaves. the jets know buff wants him and has buff worried. get the feeling marrone came to buff with the assumption he could pluck nassib in 2nd round with ease.

    my guess is that the jets like glennon, want a tall arm and want buff out of the way with their qb at 8.

    also, if buff is so intent on getting nassib in the first, that's one more team that won' trade back.

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    I think they'll legit target Nassib IF they trade down...otherwise I doubt they'll take him at 9/13

    Its also of course a way to get Buffalo to jump on him early instead of risking a trade down themselves.

    If we trade down in the first I'm all for taking a QB in ro1, but otherwise save it for 39 or later and get the BPA with 9 and 13

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    it would be retarded to draft Nassib, a guy who throw almost exclusively out of the shotgun, into a west coast offense. Glennon is a better choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    I doubt if it is either. I just used term for effect. We had better be meeting with him with an eye on the 2nd round at most. If we take a Qb with 9 or 13 we are f'ed in the head.
    If it is true we may use a fourth to go up to 7 and grab him.

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    Sad as it may seem please keep in mind Nassib could just be the best QB Buff has had sense Kelly. Loseman the meak, Fitz, Edwards, an old Bletsoe, worse guys I cant remember. He would seriously be the best prospect they have drafted in over 30 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsCrazey View Post
    it would be retarded to draft Nassib, a guy who throw almost exclusively out of the shotgun, into a west coast offense. Glennon is a better choice

    Same exact criticism I have of drafting Geno Smith he of the shotgun spread offense, great OL and best possession receiver by far in college to constantly throw to. All these quarterbacks suck my ballbag dry none of them are worth even a 2nd round pick except Glennon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revischrist View Post
    Exactly. The more QBs that get drafted before the Jets at 9, the better.
    + infinity.

    The Jets better not be stupid a draft a QB in the 1st-4th rounds. Take Warmack at 9 and trade 13 to SF or Minn and move down. We have many holes to fill.


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