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Thread: Are Mathieu and Lattimore the most wanted "mid-rounders"?

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    Are Mathieu and Lattimore the most wanted "mid-rounders"?

    I see a lot of mocks here hoping to nab one or both of these guys in rds 3-5. If they're so sought after, isn't it logical to assume they'll both go much earlier than anticipated?

    I see rds 2-3 for the both of them as likely. Honey Badger more so than Lattimore.

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    I'd let someone else take the risk on lattimore unless he falls very far indeed. I would not have the honey badger on my draft list at all.

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    not for me

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    From fans because they know they are. Not necessarily for team.

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    Honey Badger would be a great fit on the inside for our defense.......But he scares me a little off the field

    Lattimore I would obviously love, but someone else who can take a risk will snag him early IMO

    Bottomline, I would take a shot on either of these guys in the correct round


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