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Thread: A Question Regarding Terry Bradway

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcronin View Post
    Why don't people here **** on this guy enough? Why is he immune to criticism? Is he not our director of personnel?

    I know so many of our problems developed out of contractual issues, but is this guy not downright terrible? Has he not whiffed at almost every roster spot on the team?

    Who does he have naked photos of? Is this guy good at his job and I'm missing it, or is he terrible at it and good at hiding it?


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    Bradway isn't bad overall

    I know that it was Bradway that wanted Revis more than anybody.....Before we drafted Revis, the source told me "Bradway is convincing everyone in the building to get this guy....Watch we'll probably end up with Revis"

    Also, as someone else noted, he wanted us to take Russell Wilson last season


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