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Thread: Question w/ Watching Draft I'm HOPING Someone Can Help Me With

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    Question w/ Watching Draft I'm HOPING Someone Can Help Me With

    I figured I'd come directly to the draft forum and ask some fellow Jet fans my question. Tomorrow I won't be home until around 9:00pm and I have no way of recording the draft. I was wondering if anyone knew of a possible streaming service that might have a "start from beginning" option or if there were any other recommendations. I'm nervous ESPN might only have a live stream and I don't want to miss any picks (especially the Jets at #9). I know of things such as First Row Sports but they generally don't have a start from beginning option and it is just a live stream.

    If there's anyway that you have done something similar when watching a Jets game or something like that I'd really appreciate your help. If no one has any suggestions then you can slowly let this thread get lost in the mix and I'll just deal with it .

    Thanks in advance.

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    Get a buddy to DVR it ... Grab a sixer and some pizza ... Make a night of it

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    I'm a college student none of us have DVR but that is a good idea. Might have to go to a thrift store and get the VCR deal going lol.

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    I dont know if you know anything about downloading torrents but thats how I watch all the Knicks games I couldnt watch this season.

    You would have to wait until the entire drafts over tho so that might not be the best option.

    By 9:00 with all the hoopla that goes on with broadcasting the draft youll most likely miss only 6-7 picks if I had a guess.


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