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Thread: Jaws like Geno...a lot.

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    Jaws probably still thinks Kellen Clemens "just needs a chance" somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Met57 View Post
    thats what he said. the video is on front page.
    He is a liar

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Met57 View Post
    Jaworski said that Geno would have been the first QB taken last year...i mean i know he said Kellen Clemens was a steal and the best QB in the draft but still...thats pretty damn bold. video embedded into main page
    This deck head was a fan kellen clemens

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastOffensive View Post
    Jaws loved Kellen CLemens. Can we please take a breath, here.
    Lol. To be fair, does anyone think he, or any anlyst, can slam a kid's future hopes to play in the NFL? So they all say how wonderful these kids/prospects are, but I am no sure they even believe their hype at times.


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