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Thread: someone explain to me why s-rich over FLOYD and STAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    Maybe Star's heart condition is worse than any of you think it is. How would you guys like it if by week 2 you found out he had to go to the IR because of it?

    Watch the tape of Richardson destroying the best Offensive Lines in college football. His feet, the quickness, the training. Rex was one of the best D-line coaches in the NFL before becoming Baltimore's DC he knows a thing or two about defensive linemen I think.
    Love the tape, but he looks small for DT, more like LB. Rex doesn't miss on too many D players, so I'll trust him on this one. Love the dB was hoping to get more picks though.

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    He's 8 lbs shy of star and twice as quick. Actually reminds me more of ngata than star.

    Personally I would have taken jones or vacarro, but that's me.

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    I've been sayin all along that jets don't have any backup DE's behind MO&COP. Jets have three NT/DT's in Ellis, Garey & Harrison. jets need a OLB, Safety, RB, TE, WR still.

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    Floyd "rose" over the past month and then "dropped" to around(maybe a little lower) where he was originally was, so really, did he drop at all?


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