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Thread: Let's talk 2nd/3rd day Offensive Prospects

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    And it all means NOTHING

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    Hoping for Keenan Allen.

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    Eddie Lacy RB
    Goodwin WR
    Woods WR
    Ertz TE

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    Jets pick 7th in round 2 and hopefully won't take another defensive back (although if Cyprien is there, that would be tempting). Here's who's still on the board with 3 picks left in 1st round:

    Geno Smith
    Ryan Nassib
    Matt Barkley

    Eddie Lacy
    Jonathan Franklin

    Keenan Allen
    Justin Hunter
    Robert Woods

    I don't think any of the TEs are worth picking here. There will be options in the later rounds.

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    Jets pick 7th in 2nd. What is the trade value chart say if they trade down 10-12 spots?


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