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Thread: Rex's recipe for getting our asses kicked

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    Rex's recipe for getting our asses kicked

    Get used to this, because we're gonna be hearing it alot next season.

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    Rex will be gone in 2014. Why do you think Idzik didnt draft a 3-4 scheme specific player yet? He knows there is a good chance Rex could be gone and the team could shift to a 4-3 the following year with a new head coach. This is more than a one year rebuild.

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    Does it really mater? It will take 3-5 seasons to make this team competitive. With no qb, a crappy o line, zero talent or playmakers on this team. Sorry guys, this team is going to suck for a while

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    Not many explosion players in the first round for the NY Jets' O. Good choices made. More speed on D


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