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Thread: If Rex really had any of the pull JI thinks he has, wouldn't Revis still be here?

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    If Rex really had any of the pull JI thinks he has, wouldn't Revis still be here?

    I'm just not understanding the logic behind the argument that the only possible reason for the picks tonight was that Rex was behind them. Rex has made it very clear for the past four years that he loves Darrelle Revis more than anyone loves anything, ever. If Rex had any amount of power, don't you think he would have used it in keeping Revis in green and white?

    Why is it so hard to believe that Izdik is actually telling the truth, and he drafted according to his board? It seems like a lot of people here want Izdik to compensate for the power Rex used to have by refusing to look at defensive players, which also seems like a recipe for disaster.

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    Idzik didn't trade Revis, Woody did. That was something that became personal, and the owner issued a directive.

    We drafted a corner and another interior rusher. Hmm...let's see...

    Wilson (corner)
    Wilkerson (interior pass rusher)
    Coples (interior pass rusher)

    Milliner (corner)
    Richardson (interior pass rusher)

    Still no offense, still no edger rusher. This REEKS of Rex.


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