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Thread: Is Millner going to play safety?

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    Is Millner going to play safety?

    Bauer says that he thinks Millner has the ability to play safety. Maybe the Jets are planning on moving Millner or Wilson to FS.

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    Let's see which CB they take in the 2nd round, and we'll figure it out then.

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    I don't see it. I think this is just further proof that Kyle Wilson was an awful pick.

    I think Milliner is a good player but he has an impossible task.

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    On thing no one is considering is the age of cromartie who is 29. By the time his contract is up hell be 30 at least and still want big money. Milliner will definitely be #2 though in my opinion and Wilson will stay the third corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_0515 View Post
    Let's see which CB they take in the 2nd round, and we'll figure it out then.
    We only draft CBs in the first round. Seriously though Rex will have these guys on the field at the same time in his mixed up defense. I wasn't happy at all the way things fell, or that we didn't trade back, but this morning I'm thinking he'll play Cro man2man, and the rest will play a zone mixture. I think Richarson is going to take Coples spot, and Coples is going to play on the edge. you can call it a 4-3, but it's Rex' version of a 4-3, which is basically a 3-4 with the Will in a 3 point stance. Coples can get to the QB. I hope this is what they're thinking.


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