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Thread: Welcome to a new era - the BAP era

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Except that neither of them were. And if they were the best on our board then we need to replace the people making the board.
    So who do you work for?

    Because the picks were in line with just that.

    Some had milliner top 5, some to the Raiders.

    Love people who whine incessantly and then claim about picks and that they weren't the BPA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelioion View Post
    they are capable of scoring points. Typically have the best (or one of the best) offenses in the league. They have that luxury.

    I would have had no problem going bap offense - but at some point you have to score points. It's disgraceful.
    Some are forgetting we actually have a "good" OC now, and a veteran QB who providing simply mediocre play elevates the offense. Our OL graded out fine last year no reason to expect a notable down grade. Also I believe we still have some draft picks left and a few months before the next season actually starts. No need to get panties in a wad yet.


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