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Thread: Here's why Rex went defense yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    Does it occur to anyone that this offense is going to GARGLE BALLS next season if nothing is done to fix this offensive line?


    And we pick a DT at #13???

    The coventional approach is to take guards in the 3-6 round range. Let's see what day 2 brings before throwing anybody under the bus. Although if they pick a safety at #39, I wouldn't be devastated. If that's the best player, the team gets better. period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygreen View Post
    What the Jets did yesterday made no sense to me until late last night, picking two defensive players when the offense was so terrible last year left most people including the guys from ESPN mystified, but I think I've figured it out, and it has nothing to do with winning this year...

    Rex knows this team isn't going to win many games this year, and he also knows he won't be coaching this team in 2014, but there's one thing he can do this season and that's to make sure his defense is a Top 10 defense again SO HE CAN GET HIMSELF ANOTHER DC JOB WHEN THIS SEASON ENDS!

    These picks had nothing to do with "needs", these picks were made to ensure that the DEFENSE PERFORMS. The coach is already looking forward to landing his next job and these picks will help him get one. There is no other logic to this... The Jets had glaring offensive line needs yesterday as well as reciever needs and they did NOTHING ABOUT IT! Rex did what he had to do for HIMSELF, not what he had to do for the team. Make my words the Jets will have a bad season and Rex will land another DC job because he'll still post up a Top 10 defense without Revis or Landry.

    Yes NOW yesterday makes sense to me... BIGTIME SENSE!
    Lol stupid post.. This is izdik draft, not Rex. Sure Rex knows a hec of a lot more about D than izdik and our scouts, ect so I'm sure he was asked about these players. We drafted best value, and I'm glad we did. Who did you want geno smith? We shouldnt draft low value players high in the draft just because mark Sanchez makes our offensive players look worse than they really are. We will draft O in this draft, and we have plenty of pick in 14 to draft O which probably will be qb in 1st..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmans A Scientist View Post
    What it simply comes down to is that the Offensive talent wasn't good.

    No 1st round QBs (EJ Manuel bumped by Bills desperation)
    No 1st round RBs
    1 1st round WR (who was 5'8" 175 - dangerously small for a first round WR, and not available to Jets)
    1 First round TE - who based on what I see is similar to Dustin Keller of all people

    THey could have drafted a guard, but obviously he was not nearly as highly rated. The Jets do need skill position players, but they shouldn't reach for one. They could have traded down, but to trade down 9 spots, they probably only would have gotten a 3rd in return. trading down, just to draft a 3rd rounder and a offensive skill player doesn't seem worthwhile. Just draft the best available player and acknowledge that this draft was incredibly weak for offensive skill positions.
    I don't think that I have ever seen an NFL Draft this weak in Offensive Skill Positions (Top 20).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajensen088 View Post
    Idzic was taken to school by the Rams. Everyone knew that the Jets coveted Austin and that the Rams coveted Austin. Idzik stayed pat and lost the most dyanamic skill player in the draft.
    If Idzik traded up, this place would have gone nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McClane View Post
    ...and an unprecedented amount of Olinemen.


    Agreed, the offensive depth of this draft was definitely pathetic.
    Austin was gone. Eifert went 21, Hopkins 27, and Patterson 29. All those guys are a reach at 9 or 13. As to OL, Idzik comes from the Polian school of drafting your O-linemen in the middle rounds, so get used to not picking O linemen in the first round.

    I was not happy at first, but the more I look at it, the more I can see why the Jets had Richardson as their #1 DL. No other DL has his combination of physical skills. While the pundits like to say he is a 3 technique DT, the guy can play anywhere. In Wilk, Coples and Richardson the Jets have 3 guys that can line up at DT or DE. This is quintessential Rex Ryan D, where interchangeability is the key to confusing the O. Not saying any of these guys are Ngata or Watt, but their ability to line up all along the DL (or drop to cover space in a zone blitz) is one of the things that makes them so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SizzleBear287 View Post
    The Giants' pick last night was questionable by their standards.
    And when he turns into a good player, this board will talk about how brilliant it was.

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    It's amazing how stupid some of these comments are.

    There's a guy behind the curtain pulling strings, and his name is Woody Johnson.

    Woody Johnson has no background at doing a damned thing other than spend his inheritance. You are very optimistic if you think he will ever be successful running this team anywhere but into the ground and destroying the foundation created by Parcells. All 3 head coach hirings since Parcells reflect this. Not one of them was ever a "premium candidate." Same goes for all GMs since Parcells. Bradway, Tannenbaum, and now Idzik are simply company guys.

    It is not hard to sell football tickets in New York. It really isn't. But spend nearly 2 billion dollars and not get our own stadium is a travesty. Still second fiddle to the Giants, always will be. Miraculously, Woody now has multitudes of season ticket holders trying to get out from under their PSL's. With any luck, some games will actually be blacked out this year on local TV to possibly spark something in this moron's brain on how smoke and mirrors and the joke that is this roster and "head" coach are not providing what one of the premier media market teams in the ENTIRE WORLD is doing struggling to not get blacked out in the world's largest media market.

    Steve Bisciotti just won a Super Bowl by not hiring Rex Ryan as his head coach. That's worth mentioning. Newsome and him both knew Ryan's ego would sacrifice everything to make his defense better and make himself look good. Ryan is not a team player. Read his book. Understand this guy: He idolizes his dad. His dad was a bad NFL head coach. Now looky here.

    No, Woody treats this team as a joke because he steadfastedly refuses to understand why the Giants win titles. He refuses to follow the mold that's right in front of him. It's incredibly stupid.

    And the worst part is that alot of the fans buy it. They buy that there's reason to be optimistic when there's no reason to think so.

    Bill Polian tanked YEARS to get the Colts QB's. The Giants' QB was first overall. This team hasn't had anything remotely close to a QB since Chad's shoulder died. And even then, who honestly thought noodle arm would win a title? Who was buying that?

    They don't stockpile picks. They don't cut Sanchez and effectively tank the year. Nope. No foresight. Just junk. More band-aids. More crap to make Rex almighty look good, and guess what? He'll be there for the next 20 years as long as he's flipping people off and saying absolutely idiotic things.

    How can any of you take a team seriously when the owner doesn't? It's a multi-billionaire spoiled brats play thing. And apparently he's a giant fan of Looney Toons.


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