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Thread: It is amazing that Joe Benigno....

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    It is amazing that Joe Benigno....

    the biggest SOJ fan on the planet; a man that lives and breathes SOJ, said that he was okay with the Jets picks in the first round for the most part. He would have taken Jones over Richardson but the Spinal stenosis scared them off.

    He gave the exact same reasons why I gave last night. No worthy offensive gamechanger worth taking after Austin left the board.

    To think that he and Evan Roberts were OKAY with the Jets first round and that many of you on here are not is very interesting.

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    I'm starting to second guess my support of Idzik's choices.

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    Beningo is an absolute idiot. Unlistenable

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    Might as well post this slightly positive Cimini article as well to further my point.

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    Benigno is just like all of the other hacks at that station, they take a stance just to get reaction from callers. Their opinions are never their own true feelings...sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LotteryPick6 View Post
    Beningo is an absolute idiot. Unlistenable
    Awww c'mon.... He's STELLAR, BRO!!!!!!!!!!


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    I listened briefly and to just about every question about any college player he answered " I don't know that much about dat guy"

    A WFAN draft expert like the rest of them watching NO college games and getting all their info from Mayock, Kiper, McShay and worse...

    the average JI draft fan knows more than he does

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    It's because he doesn't pretend like he knows anything about player evaluation unlike most fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eckesg1 View Post
    Might as well post this slightly positive Cimini article as well to further my point.
    Report Card: Jets score high and average
    By Rich Cimini |

    Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    Round 1, ninth pick

    Analysis: Say hello to Darrelle Revis Lite. Milliner, the first cornerback picked, was widely regarded as the best at his position. The value was too good for the Jets to pass. Yes, they would've preferred a pass rusher, but Dion Jordan and Barkevious Mingo already were gone. So was super-smurf receiver Tavon Austin. Milliner made sense at that spot. Let's face it, Kyle Wilson is best suited to nickel coverage, so they needed an every-down corner to start opposite Antonio Cromartie. Some scouts say Milliner never will be an elite corner because he lacks playmaking skills. But you know what? Even the great Revis isn't an interception machine. Milliner was the right call for a defense that relies heavily on man-to-man coverage by its corners.

    Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
    Round 1, 13th pick

    Analysis: Another defensive linemen? This makes three straight first-round picks on the line. It might make Rex Ryan happy, but they needed to spread the wealth. They passed on a talented tight end (Tyler Eifert) and a big-play receiver (Cordarrelle Patterson), players that could've helped Mark Sanchez get his career back on track. Richardson has talent, no doubt, but where does he line up? He was a 4-3 tackle in college, a one-gap penetrator, and now he'll be asked to be a two-gap lineman. Ryan acknowledged the Jets will play more 4-3 fronts, but with all their pressing needs (how 'bout a safety?), another defensive lineman became a luxury.
    Cimini is missing the fact that the DEs in Rex's scheme do not play 2-gap. They are 1 gap penetrators.


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