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I too was mystified by the draft choice last night, but sleeping on it, it's starting to make more sense. The key words we keep hearing are BAP and competition. It fits.

1. Sanchez will get one more shot, but he'll have to win the job from Geno and Garrard. Cut him? I don't understand that logic. We invested a lot into him, and he will have one last shot with a good OC. Period. That's it.

2. Geno will fail with this offense right off the bat if thrown into the fire, and possibly be ruined as well. You must GROOM him. Unless, he comes in, picks up the offense, and clicks on all cylinders, then you HAVE to hand him the keys. But don't RUSH the kid. We've ruined a few QBs throwing them into the fire and then saying they suck hen they mess up already. *COUGH SANCHEZ COUGH*

3. Tebow seemingly cannot be traded, so we either gets cut or we use him as a RB-that-can-sometimes-throw (like the Pats would do) and enough of this lining up at QB nonsense. And we don't want to cut him because the Pats WOULD pick him up and use him like that. I wanted him to be a RB-who-could-sometimes-throw last year and it never happened because of our unimaginative offense that we had. All of this, "HE'S A DISTRACTION BECAUSE HE'S POPULAR/HE'S AN OUTSPOKEN CHRISTIAN AND I HATE THOSE PEOPLE/HE SUCKS BECAUSE HE CAN'T THROW* crap is just crap. Use him as a RB and all the people shut up.

So, if we can't trade any of these guys, we'll likely be doing some cutting. McElroy (only got 1 chance?), Tebow (Unless converted to a RB), Garrard (We JUST signed him!), Sanchez (a LOT invested into him)... a log jam.... And no matter who is the QB, we still need a TE, maybe another decent WR and OL.
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