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Thread: Geno Smith is absurdly underrated

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    He's also absurdly inconsistent.

    I have some hope in him, I do, but a lot of his yards were made after the catch at WVU and he was very inconsistent. Also, he and Stedman Bailey had a connection that went farther than WVU. He won't have here, nor does he have an Austin. Kerley is the closest thing he has while I like Kerley, he's no Austin.

    There's hope in Geno Smith. That's why he was considered by most to be the best QB in this draft, but he's no sure thing and he's going to be a project.

    Nothing we can do now but get behind him.
    He's better than Kaepernick was when he was coming out. They were picked in about the same place, as well. Hopefully the Jets bring him along like the 49ers brought along Kaepernick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper View Post
    This organization is a laughing stock.

    6 QB's

    2013 will be a train wreck and we'll be in a position for a franchise QB next year.
    Really. One of Sanchez or Tebow are gone. Simms has no shot so we will have 4 going into preseason.


    What would have been a laughingstock would be Going into your season with a QB that is the worst starter in the league AND still regressing and his back up who hasn't been on a roster in two seasons.

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    I have no faith that Geno can even become an average NFL QB.... but then again I thought Browning Nagle was the second coming of Bert Jones. So, I guess I'll take the wait and see approach.

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    I am not sure what every expects from a prospect to feel good about the pick. But Geno ran an uptempo offense (to the time of running over 100 plays a game) meaning that he runs a quick huddle and gets the ball out quick.

    He threads the needle when his mechanics are good. Granted a lot of Austin's catches were screens but Bailey had 25 TDs this year and doeasnt have elite speed. 71% completion percentage. And we are not talking about Pennington's dink and dunk offense over inflating his compl %.

    He has a cannon of an arm and can sling it down the field better than every QB we have had since Vinny (minus the Favre rental).

    And he is mobile and a threat to run - and this is an element that I cannot remember a Jet QB ever having.


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