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If he were truly doing BPA, Geno Smith would not be a Jet. Michael Kaye said on the air on Friday that Idzik said that Woody Johnson "really likes Geno Smith". That's all you need to know.

We have a very covertly meddlesome owner. The order to trade for Tebow, for one. Unlike Jerry Jones, he lurks and dictates critical decisions from the shadows (as his prerogative, of course), something that most other owners don't do.
I think what Michael Kay knows about football and the behind the scenes could fit on a pinhead and he is just stirring the pot. He has to do that emotional schtick to make up for his lack of actual football knowledge to keep some interest in his show. If you start paying attention, it's mostly gossip that he talks about and starts ranting about it trying to drum up a reaction. I wouldn't put any stock in what he says. And even if Woody does like him, so what? If he were influencing the move he would have been selected at 13 or at worst moved up for in the 2nd round like all the wild speculation was predicting. And Tanny would have accommodated his wishes, whereas Idzik is not. Having said all that wasn't Geno the highest rated player by that time? if not, then who was?