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Thread: Jets Sign Chris Ivory to 3-Yr and Approximate 10 Million Dollar Deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    You definitely are not - i am really shocked that we paid 2 backs this offseason.

    I get that Ivory has some skills, but heres why I cant for the life of me understand this move.

    1. Jonathon Franklin was on the board for us. A guy slotted to go in the 2nd or 3rd round and an excellent pass catcher (all time leading rusher at UCLA).

    2. A 4th round RB makes about $400K, we are paying Ivory $3 million a season - that is an enormous difference.

    3. We run a WCO offense predicated on RBs being able to catch - Ivory has 3 career catches.

    4. We dont have a legitimate pecking order at RB now. Powell, Goodson, and Ivory are all 3-4 year veterans who have some upside but are all unproven. Bringing in a rookie would have put that player 3rd in the depth chart and let us start the year with powell and goodson sharing carries. I am all for competition, but what if Powell shows improvement again and Marty thinks he offers the most of the 3 - are we now paying a 3rd string RB over $2 million?

    I really dont understand the move. There were excellent backs at a cheaper price available
    Pretty good points but it's clear the FO likes Ivory because he's a known commodity: he has a career 5.1 yds/carry average and leads the league in yards after contact. Classic high risk/high reward player due to his injury history.

    I know I got tired of watching Greene go down on first contact and can't wait to see us trot out someone who is really hard to bring down. I think Idzik is hoping he will be our Marshawn Lynch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Met57 View Post
    Dont really know what to expect. Obviously Goodson has injury issues and Ivory couldn't get on the field with the Saints.
    where do we get these posters from?

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    #3 Above... Dennis Johnson was awesome out of the backfield while at Arkansas. Ivory was and won't ever be a good pass catching/3rd down back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Jet View Post
    where do we get these posters from?
    Sorry, what did I say that was wrong? I like to think I am very positive...but do YOU know what to expect from a guy who is always hurt and another guy who had 40 carries last year?

    If you answers yes, you are full of it.


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