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Thread: Dolphins Owner: "Sparano damaged the whole organization"

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    Dolphins Owner: "Sparano damaged the whole organization"

    The Miami Dolphins appear to be operating in unison these days, with coach Joe Philbin and general manager Jeff Ireland swinging for the fences during an active offseason that's propped up talent on both sides of the ball.

    Team owner Stephen Ross has overseen plenty of ups and downs in South Beach during his tenure, but feels the Dolphins have turned a corner.

    "This organization is functioning the best since the (Don) Shula days, (because) I picked the head coach with Jeff Ireland" Ross told WAXY-AM on Friday, via The Miami Herald.

    That wasn't the case with former coach Tony Sparano, who Ross says "damaged the whole organization" and never recovered from the courting of Jim Harbaugh back in 2011.

    "(Sparano) could never put it behind him," Ross said. "I don't think he was the right head coach for the Miami Dolphins. I didn't hire him. We're a much better organization today than then."

    Hurt feelings on Sparano's part were understandable after Ross voyaged to the Bay Area to interview Harbaugh. That meeting went nowhere, but left a toxic cloud over the organization. Harbaugh wound up in San Francisco, while Sparano -- on the heels of an 0-7 start in Miami in 2011 -- was fired before the end of the season.

    Ross remained loyal to Ireland through the wreckage, and the Dolphins today eye a sunnier horizon. Philbin and his general manager are two peas in a pod and the owner is, at long last, feeling optimistic. We'll see how long this lasts.

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    He was terrible for the Jets. Tebow, Sanchez debacle is on his watch.

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    No love for Sparano here and I hold him responsible for last year's debacle but that seems kind of unfair. They screw him over by courting Harbaugh, then blame him for not immediately getting over it and 'ruining' the organization. That is HARSH! Looks like they need to cast some blame for their own errors.

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    His hiring is another reason Rex should have been shown the door with Tanny after last season. I'm still trying to figure out what Sparano's defenders were thinking.

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    Pretty douchey thing to say to the media.

    That said... Sparano is awful.

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    I remember the glee/relief/happiness of firing Schotty was tempered by the mystifying hiring of Sparano. I gave it a chance, but had my doubts. "Couldn't be whose than Schotty" -- I thought, er, hoped. I was wrong, and the Jets organization was also wrong and the team and fans paid for it.

    He has always been a good, tough-minded, motivational offensive line coach. My brother is a 'Phins fan and he always thought that too. He is not offensive coordinator material. Why we hired him is beyond me, but it set our franchise back a few years, IMO. And... with him after Schotty, and now the drafting of Geno, it looks like those two OC's destroyed Sanchez, who had all the tools but is clearly a mess psychologically. He looked like he spiritually gave up on himself last year (he fought and fought, had heart, but made more and more mistakes), the fans gave up on him, and the organization looks to have as well. We'll see... it may be an open competition and Mark's last shot THIS year. And maybe he'll throw it away and the Geno era begins. I hated it when it happened, I'm starting to see the positives now. Still... 6 QBs on our roster = some deals or cuts have to be made.

    Who knows, maybe we'll have a Drew Brees/Philip Rivers situation like the Chargers had a few years back. I know it's hard for Jets fans to be so optimistic, but maybe we're in for a win/win after the last 2 years of lose/lose.

    Yeah right. Well... we can hope. Better than just saying, "F*** everything, why the f*** am I a fan?" LOL.
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    Still remember how SAR was ecstatic and call him "future Jets HC".

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    I'm sorry, all that comment says to me is that Ross is a douchebag. And people complain about our owner. I'm not sold on Dolphins moves. So what have they done on their o-line. Still not convinced with Tannehill. They overpaid for free agents. And then the Dion pick when they could have picked the tackle.

    Don't get it. Sparano aside, Ross is an idiot, and most Dolphins fans know it.


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