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Thread: **Jets 5th Round Draft Pick Thread**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradis View Post
    Just checked, its washington.
    Just so funny how people think they know anything.

    Jets pick Oday Aboushi OT

    not washington what a shock

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    From Bleacher Report

    Aboushi is a strong, aggressive blocker with good football instincts. He has a good frame for the position, but looks a little too big and slow to be a left tackle and isn't compact enough to play guard.

    He'll need to improve his agility and footwork, because he isn't a great natural athlete and can get beaten around the edge at times. He can run block and pass block equally well, which makes a possible move to right tackle advantageous.

    He has heavy, violent hands, and can do some serious work when he lands one on a defender's chest. His stamina has to get a little better though, because he breaks down when he gets tired and tends to stand up straight too often.

    But his experience will be enticing to NFL teams. He played in six games as a true freshman, then started every game after that in his sophomore, junior and senior seasons.

    Also of note that he was born in Brooklyn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ View Post
    Tony had him as a high 3rd rounder. Another value pick. Are we ever gonna get a skill player?

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    Murray Hill

    Booooorrrrrriiiinnnggg, snooze

    I wanted someone I heard of, lol - who knows if he'll be good but there was a lotta sexy names out there

    Darick Rogers in the 6th Baby!!!

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    one of the highest rated players left on the board. great value... again. Idzik is for real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    Adding depth to the OL

    I like it
    It is a very good pick. Prior to the combine most had this guys as a 3rd rounder. Winters will be a T Oday a G. I like it.

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    I love adding o line. We need it badly.

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    2 of our top 3 receivers are coming back form injuries and we have no one at tight end. We need to bring Braylon back at this point.

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    Like what I see based on Tony's evaluation on DraftInsider. Seems like a poor man's D'Brick. Tony had him rated as a 3rd rounder and his 8th overall tackle. I think I remember at Senior Bowl they said he could be a guard too.

    Usually the offensive linemen later in the draft suck at pass blocking. This is actually Aboushi's strength. Like that he's a local guy too.

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    Bye, Bye Vlad

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    Quote Originally Posted by bman View Post
    Hate it. I doubt he makes the team. Would have rather had a WR.
    Why wouldn't he make team?

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    Yeah, as unsexy as it is, having a deep OL is a good thing. We were thin last year and it sucked.

    But let me ask you draftniks - would someone like Swope or D'arick Rogers at WR been more impactful there?

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    if Mark, Geno, Tim, David, Greg and Chris... have enough time.... our weapons will work!

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    RT @AboushiBands72: 31 teams are gonna have a problem next year, that's a promise.

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    He has the second highest grade of players taken in Round 5 according to

    More value. 4th round OT in Round 5.

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    I'm fine with this.

    #3 best available at the start of the day

    "starting potential"


    This guy may be able to beat out Austin Howard at RT as a rookie or form a bookend G with Winters.

    Our OL in 2014 may be

    Brick - Winters - Mangold - Abousi - Howard. That is a very solid group with some nice youth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradis View Post
    Aboushi will slide right into RG, and let Winters compete with howard.

    Smart smart
    Can't it be the other way around-Winters at OG and Aboushi at RT?

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    Another thing about the two offensive linemen we took this year: They can play multiple positions. Position versatility is AWESOME for o-line, especially if we incur injuries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoop24 View Post
    RT @AboushiBands72: 31 teams are gonna have a problem next year, that's a promise.
    Book smart, not street smart.


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