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Thread: **Jets 6th Round Draft Pick Thread**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    I've watched the kid play

    Different organizations have different grades on every player. What the hell is it that you don't understand about this?
    No need to get nasty. I get that but a difference between him at 56.4 vs a player (at a postion of desperate need) at 70.5 or 72.9 at another need, seems a tad excessive and hard to reconcile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N Y J View Post
    What does sojf mean
    Same Old Jets Fan - negative nelly stemming from our spiral down in the 80's and the Kotite years ----- forever scarred and pessimistic, see some of SAR's posts for reference.

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    why is everybody still talking about a project 6th round pick in this thread? Get out of here and get to another thread! LOL


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