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Thread: **UDFA Wish List**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody56 View Post
    Kerwynn Williams
    scratch that, just drafted by colts

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    Why isn't Chase Thomas long gone from the draft board? This is crazy. He is going to be an All-Pro in the NFL.

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    Get as many skill Position Players as possible... mainly TEs and WRs... on defense we Need safeties more than anything...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SyracuseJet View Post
    With not picking a TE or WR, we should be an attractive spot for UDFAs in these positions. I wonder if that was part of Idzik's thinking. If you've got 10 guys with similar grades, just wait it out and get a couple even cheaper.
    Along those lines, watch out for DC Jefferson, Rutgers TE. As a F.A.

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    Quote Originally Posted by section314 View Post
    Along those lines, watch out for DC Jefferson, Rutgers TE. As a F.A.
    Na, he was drafted mid 7th round

    Where can we find out what UDFA's we sign in real time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Harris View Post
    Na, he was drafted mid 7th round

    Where can we find out what UDFA's we sign in real time?
    Usually they come in drip by drip in twitter feeds.

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    what about Courtney Gardner out of Nevada for an UDFA ?

    looks like San Diego got him.
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    OK I am sure some will still get picked but here is who is left on my long list.

    Rodgers WR
    Robert Lester S
    Chase Thomas OLB
    Matt Scott QB
    Alvin Bailey G
    Omoregie Uzzi G
    Otten TE
    Jeff Tuel QB
    Rodney Smith WR
    Michael Clay OLB
    Dayne Crist QB
    John Wetzel OL
    Nate Montana QB
    Ben Cotton TE

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    Lutzenkirchen, Philip TE
    Stoneburner, Jake TE
    Fauria, Joe TE
    Motta, Zeke SS
    Jefferson, Tony FS
    Bailey, Alvin OG
    Kaufman, Brandon WR
    plus, Sharp, Quinn K/P (does both well)

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    Zeke Motta off the board. Just drafted by the Falcons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    Nate Montana QB
    Wow! Joe's kid?

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    WR Marlon Brown
    OLB Chase Thomas
    FS Tony Jefferson
    fS Ray Polk
    TE Ben Cotton
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    There goes Renfree. Damn you Dimitroff.

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    Cierre Wood
    Chase Thomas
    Roby Toma

    And more Corners and safeties.

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    Chris Pantale TE - Boston College

    Jakar Hamilton S - South Carolina State

    Kevin Reddick LB - UNC (I cant find him drafted but thats just shocking)

    Jake Stoneburner TE - Ohio State

    How we can come out of this draft without selecting a safety or TE is beyond me. Really - Fullbacks are more important? Especially when we currently have 4 RBs who will need to be active (unless we waive mcknight)

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    WR- Conner Vernon
    TE- Cotten

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    Andrew Brandt ‏@adbrandt
    Couple stories from the War Room regarding the frenzy of undrafted free agent signings coming up...

    After '03 Draft, scout yelled out to room "Anyone want to sign this QB Tony Romo? He's from Wisconsin, wants to sign here." Silence.

    One time after Draft I agreed to deal w/a WR, then saw he signed w/Cardinals and Eagles! Didn't realize he could only sign w/one team.

    Last and, I think, best story about an undrafted free agent signing coming up next...

    Told undrafted player we'd sign him for $500 bonus. Said he didn't have that much but could get it soon. I said "No, we pay you!"

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    How the hell is Tony Jefferson still available?

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    Was Da'Rick picked? Possible readzone threat possesion guy.

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    willing to take the it idzik


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