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Thread: What do you think about the Jets Picks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMJK View Post
    I was surprised by this draft including drafing a FB in RD 7.

    I was delighted with CB Milliner and knew this wasn't your ordinary Jet draft.
    ......BTW---- 7th round is the proper spot to Draft a FB.... NOT the 5th round, like Rex did with John (the terminator) Conner, who was a semi-bust.

    =New York Jets

    If the Jets had just drafted quarterback Geno Smith at No. 9 overall rather than waiting until No. 39, a lot of people might be celebrating their haul. Instead, the perception is that they reached to fill needs, which I don't believe is fair. Ultimately, the Jets filled the hole left by the trade of Darrelle Revis to the Bucs with the best and most physical cornerback in the draft with Dee Milliner and added to an already stout defensive line with Sheldon Richardson four picks later. Smith, of course, is the key to this draft and has the talent to be successful. It will be up to him to prove his critics wrong. I love the physicality and toughness of the two offensive linemen added later, Brian Winters and Oday Aboushi. Grade: B

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetworks View Post
    Of course not, but they didn't fill them with the BPA at those positions either, did they? Despite opportunities to do so.

    I can't believe how many times I have had to say this the past two days; the players selected aren't necessarily bad, they just don't fill needs. Everyone seems to have drank the BPA Kool-Aid to the point they are drunk on it. Newsflash is that you select the BPA that can help your team.
    Not if you're in year 1 of a rebuilding effort and looking to create long-term success instead of patching holes for one season.

    Using a hypothetical 1-100 scale, if you forgo a BPA with a value of 95 to pick a need player with a value of 88, you've lost value and the overall talent on your team is lower. If you do that with every pick, the cumulative effect snowballs and other teams pass you by.

    By your assessment, was taking Kirk Cousins after already drafting RGIII the right move for the Redskins last year? It might not have seemed so at the time, but in hindsight, A) he made an unexpected contribution last year, B) he may need to start the season for the Skins this year if RGIII isn't completely healed, and C) he has become a highly tradeable commodity, if they ever choose to take advantage of that.

    Talk to me about drafting for need after we make the playoffs again. It's still not the way to build longterm success, but it might make a little more sense then.


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