The one bonus you get for being a good soldier & a good man are the benefits that come with being an NFL insider.
Idzik is only talked about in glowing terms, calm, calculating, unhurried, seem to be words associated with his personality.

Here's where I'm going with this, the Seattle Seahawks are a stacked team right now, along with the 49ers, these are 2 teams you keep your eye on because it ain't easy making these 53 man rosters.

I could definitely see a scenario where Idzik gets inside info on some bubble players that show very well in camp but the Hawks have no way to keep.
As far as I can see this man is all class, I don't think someone like Tanny was viewed in the same way. In fact it seemed like many players felt they were lied to over the last 4 years & actually came out & accused the Jets in the press.

I'm liking this quiet mans approach, will he be successful? Who knows, I'm hoping. It's about time someone came in here, told everyone to STFU, and went about the business of building a football team with some staying power.
Bottom line is if we did indeed hit on a QB in Geno Smith, Idzik will have a long & successful tenure here with the Jets.
Especially since he made damn sure that we will have the horses up front to protect him so he won't turn into David Carr or should I dare say, Mark Sanchez.