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Thread: Post Draft Poll: Grade it out

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    Post Draft Poll: Grade it out

    My opinion:
    1) The pick of the CB at 9 was fine. They were trying to replace Revis for a position that is critical to how Rex plays defense;
    2) The Pick of a DT at 13 was a GIANT F. While the best player available is nice, you have to consider needs. Had they picked the ND TE or the best OL available, I would have given them a Day 1 grade of B.
    3) Smith - they considered him at 13. If true, they got the guy they wanted at a huge discount.
    4) The rest of the draft was OK as they stocked up on OL (a good thing), but didn't address any of their problems at TE (Mulligan Mania II?) or Safety (we don't have any).

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    Sheldon Richardson is a far better pass rusher than Floyd or Star, and rushing the passer has always been one of our most pressing needs. I was completely fine, and thoroughly enjoyed that selection.

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    I know it's only one man's opinion, but :

    Other picks I liked
    Sheldon Richardson, defensive tackle, drafted 13th overall by the New York Jets. Dee Milliner and Geno Smith aside, the Jets needed a presence in the middle.

    Out of 9 picks he liked most, Sheldon was one of them.


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