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Thread: Jets 2014 picks

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    people need to really start reading other peoples posts and try to understand them before calling everyone out.

    Feel like this message board is filled with the kids who raised there hand in class to be the first one to tell the teacher that there is a misspelled word in the textbook or 2 "A" choices on a multiple choice test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Ro 25 View Post
    I'm pretty sure 4 is the max you can have. You get the 4 highest. I'd be thrilled if Landry gets us a 4th. With 12 picks we can either move up for a Lee or try to land 2 firsts and get a Van Noy / Watkins.
    How would 4th and 5th round picks help us net an extra 1st? Even with two 3rd round picks it'd be a stretch.

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    first, second, two thirds (Revis) , two fourths (one comp),fifth,two sixths (one comp), three sevenths (two comps)


    my best guess


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