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Thread: Do Not Play Geno

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    Nice. Well, he sure does have enough experience with that feature.

    LOL @ weapons being good enough for once QB to work with but not another.
    You miss the point---Sanchez will never be a QB to lead us to the Super Bowl. Let HIM take the abuse this year and don't mess with Geno until he has the proper tools in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    You miss the point---Sanchez will never be a QB to lead us to the Super Bowl. Let HIM take the abuse this year and don't mess with Geno until he has the proper tools in place.
    No I get the point totally. Acknowledging that the team sucks so let him deal with it. But yet was expected to somehow produce results. He's already been basically ruined by a poor oline and no weapons so might as well finish him off. And somehow, given the above, he was somehow expected to succeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    Well more then the OL line, last year's receivers were just not getting open. That resulted in Sanchez (who is basically clueless to begin with) holding on to the ball too long. Holmes is back, but I see a downgrade at TE and neither Hill or Kerley put the fear of God in defenses.
    Sanchez didn't see a lot of guys get open either. WR productivity is generally a product of the QB. Having a **** game plan doesn't help anyone either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
    If Sanchez can start with only one year of college experience Geno sure as hell can after starting for three years.
    That really worked out well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyjet View Post
    my opinion is more nuanced:

    Mark Sanchez is the starting qb of this team. No different than Alex Smith and Kaepernick in SF. If Mark ****s the bed, then Geno replaces him halfway through the season to see what we got. We get a high pick and can determine if we go with franchise qb. Mark is released in offseason. On the other hand, let's say Mark takes well to the WCO. We finish 8-8 or 9-7 (just can't see us making the playoffs). We end up with a pick in the teens, where we are not getting the franchise qb. Geno is on deck, and we have options for whether to keep Mark or trade him next offseason. What's wrong with that plan? Why sell low on Sanchez, see if we can increase his value in what is a rebuilding year.
    Good post

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    Absolutely no need to throw Geno to the wolves as a rookie unless he kills it in TC and preseason. Garrard should be starting week 1. We had to start Sanchez as a rookie in 2009 because we had no other viable options on the roster at the time. Kellen Clemens was a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Swanson View Post
    O line will not be pourous. Stupid statement there. Brick and Mangold are all-pro as always. Colon is a stud as long as he's healthy. Howard was more than serviceable last year, and from everything we're hearing, Winters is an NFL-ready pick that most on these boards are calling a stud.
    This has to the most common comment I have seen this offseason that makes no sense to me. I am not sure what games you were watching last season, but Howard was absolute garbage. He was solid for maybe the first 6 games, but showed nothing in the final 10 to lead me to believe he had any better a season than Hunter had for the Jets 2 seasons ago. He is just as bad as Hunter. He has no business starting in this league. He could be a viable backup. He went undrafted for a reason.

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    um have you been watching the draft and offseason moves...just how is our o line porous......please explain how.

    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    I do hope they don't throw Geno to the lions. With the porous offensive line, and the lack of real threats, I don't see him succeeding. Maybe you start Gerrrad and replace him with Sanchez when he gets injured (probably week two). Then you improve your offense next year and let Geno have a go.


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