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Thread: If the Jets get rid of Mark Sanchez... where does he go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SONNY WERBLIN View Post
    Hey, I think Sanchez is done.... but you make no sense. When Sanchez had a good team around him, the Jets went to two straight AFCCG's. The last two seasons, Sanchez has not had a top O line or very good running game, not to mention the quality of the receivers.

    I could clearly see another team giving him a shot under those circumstances. The fact is, when the team around him was good, they won.
    No I make perfect sense. The Jets went to two Afc Championship despite M Sanchez at QB. How many teams looking for a Qb is going to afford him that luxury he had.(top oline and running game)

    Two years from now Mark Sanchez will be out of football and working in the porn industry. The younger Ron Jeremy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cornjulio21 View Post
    Personally I think Sanchez is going to get a chance to win the job starting with OTA's, but he is going to have to be head and shoulders above the rest.

    If he's not, he's cut. If he is, he might just get a shot at reclaiming his career.

    Our new GM traded for Flynn and drafted Wilson, held on to them both during the year. If Sanchez is costing us millions, he's on the roster if he's one of the top 2 QB's we've got.

    I have no problem giving him the shot to play himself into an asset, or maybe something more. Sometimes the lights go off late for QB's. Plunkett and Rich Gannon come to mind.

    Not sure he will ever get there, but it would be silly not to let him compete at this point in time.
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