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Thread: Tebow Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by southside View Post

    Crazy Russians.... And WTF are they doing with the bats?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    Pretty sure I could hear Rex do the same after Teblow left the building!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post
    You mean why we released a quality backup in Stanton so that when Sanchez started to mentally melt the Jets had no QB the believed in to so much as spell him

    Ummm there is no answer for that including from the HC who claimed he had big plans for Tebow.

    IMO how the treated Tim Tebow was and is a disgrace. I never wanted him on the team but for them to lie to him is just shameful and was emblematic of the undercurrent of Tanny's while tenure with the Jets!!!!?
    Not too worried about the guy's feelings. He was paid a lot of money. He didn't perform up to expectations. Would you cry for the guy in a crappy sales job who didn't make his quota? Probably not. It's a tough world out there. And Tebow at least walks away rich, as a hero of college football, with a continued ability to support himself by playing in the CFL or latching on somewhere as a backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Arctor View Post
    Yes, a "disservice" that kept Tebow in the NFL and paid him millions of dollars.

    Here is a reality check. Had the Jets not aquired this failed experiment, he would have most likely been playing in Canada in 2012, and have never been heard from again.

    Tebow is not an NFL QB. He never will be. He got his chance to compete here, had an opportunity to change positions here that he was no open to and is still not open to, and failed to beat out the worst starting QB in the entire NFL in Sanchez, and was so unimpressive as a QB, the Jets staff chose to play a joke of a third stringer (McElroy) instead of playing Tebow.

    All this womanly whining about poor poor Tebow and the mean inhuman Jets organization is the worst joke of the lot. The Jets today got better by subtraction, and cut loose a massive hype-ridden dramabomb of unheard of proportions.

    The GM did the right thing for the fanchise and it's future, period.

    And in so doing, we have a littany of media heads, and even some supposed Jets Fans, more interested in lamenting poor misused Tebow rather than being happy we finally are starting to make good football decisions again?

    Give me a break indeed.
    You're preaching to the choir.

    Just for the record:

    I was NOT in favor of.........
    -Signing Favre (media circus and we knew it would be a 1 yr thing)
    -Drafting Sanchez (Hardly played in college and I felt he was way overhyped)
    -Trading for Tebow (media circus wherever he goes, last thing we needed)
    -Drafting Geno (we have a lot more needs and could've drafted a qb next year)

    They shouldn't have brought Tebow here in the first place unless they were going to frickin' use him a helluva lot more than they did. So to that I say it was a disservice. And frankly it's best for everyone he was cut. I just wish it had been sooner. I guess they were trying to trade him and get something, but it didn't work out.

    Generally speaking I'm glad the direction Idzik is taking thus far (other than the Geno thing).

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    Quote Originally Posted by isired View Post
    The end of an error.

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    where's EY's "free at last! free at last!" cow picture when you really need it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choon328 View Post
    Thank God the guy who made that deal is no longer here.

    Idzik has been busy cleaning up that guys mistakes during his first three months, calculated decisions, rebuild starting to take shape

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    Quote Originally Posted by AceBoy View Post
    CFL here we come!
    New England Patriots here he comes.
    Last edited by Raider9175; 04-29-2013 at 11:23 AM.

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    Exclamation Pats won't face Tebow anymore...?


    Well we still have Mark...

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    There goes my day:

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    Long overdue. We probably eff'ed his career, but he wasn't any good to begin with

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