I believe I heard an interview with Bill Parcells many years ago about building the team from the lines out. Here is an article mentioning it as well (http://timmyh.hubpages.com/hub/How-t...-football-team).

Going into this draft I definitely wanted to come out of it with a wide receiver who could be a playmaker, a tight end, an outside linebacker and a free safety. As I remember Parcells's thoughts and after reading the article I think that Idzik saw this team and said we have to win the war in the trenches to give us a chance to win.

Looking at each pick except Milliner it makes sense. Milliner was the best available and Idzik went for that. Richardson makes the defensive line better and may allow us to use Coples as a OLB. Smith was best available and too hard to pass up at 39. Add in the article says you need a franchise qb and we hope he builds into that. Time will tell. Winters seems to be in the guard competition. Aboushi will compete also as well as Campbell. All three depth along a weak offensive line. We know we have two stalwarths. The other three positions is a revolving door. Hopefully one or two will work and we can solidify this unit. Bohannon seems like a versatile fullback who can catch. He might be able to help at tight end and full more of a h-back position.

Looking at this draft I believe Idzik is trying to build strong lines and then in year two he will focus on playmakers and other need positions. Add in from this draft we are guaranteed four starters and it is a very good draft. Milliner will start, Richardson will start, Ivory will start, and Winters has a strong possibility of starting as well. Lets hope this is true and this is the start of us building into a Giants, Steelers top tier team year in and year out.