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Thread: 2014 Salary Cap

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    Cap room will be valuable in re-signing a guy like Wilkerson.

    There will be a big decision to come with Cromartie. Love the guy but he'll be 30 after this season and he plays a position where that speed is important. Can't be giving him a 5 year contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpoppy7 View Post
    Then you're extremely overrating Orakpo, and pass rushers in general. Compare the Washington overall and pass defense with Orakpo from 2009 to 2011, and the Jets' with Revis from 2009 to 2011. Do the same with any other pass rusher as well. Of course the other players on the D matter too, but we all know the Jets had no good pass rushers those years, yet still managed to have great Ds, and pass Ds in particular.

    If you think 16M is too much to spend on any non-QB, then I see your argument but disagree. If you think it's too much to spend on Revis, but isn't too much to spend on a pass rusher, I don't understand the logic, it certainly is not supported by the results of the past few years.

    And the long term plan with the Revis-TB contract is to have a great pass D if Revis plays like he played pre-injury, and the flexibility to try a new plan if that doesn't work out, with no cap ramifications.
    The Jets' "great pass D" was more a matter of statistics than facts on the field. The reality is, teams with solid TEs and pass catching backs ate us alive.


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