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Thread: First Call after Idzik/ Fatcesa Interview: Hey Mike get off your iPhone

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    Fatso was pissed Idzik ambushed him and came off well in the interview so he took it out on the immediate subsequent caller. Pathetic.

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    I love when Francesa tells the caller that he does not do the interviews for him (the fans). Of course, he sang a different tune directly after the mike & the mad dog show ended. Then he told the fans that his job was dependent on them.

    He has morphed into an arrogant and condescending old man who is living off the reputation of a show that is loooooong gone.

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    Francesca has such a lack of wit that it's pretty funny. You would think that someone who has 25 years experience "communicating" for a living would come up with a few funny or even semi interesting responses when he is challenged or criticized. But he sounds like Ronnie the Limo driver from Howard Stern when faced with confrontation.

    "Yeah, yeah...uh ogay. I need your help...uh, ogay. I've been doing this 25 years...ogay. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Mike Francessa. The king of sportstalk radio. Everyone claims they hate him but listen all day long and constantly post about him.

    Keep up the good work Mike. The people who hate you listen more then us that like you. You are brilliant.
    You're dead on. He's following the exact same strategy as Howard Stern. He knows very little about sports at all outside of yankee baseball and horse racing, so he takes the tact of being a shock jock and inciting fans into listening to his trash. The funny thing is nowadays most listeners are listening to laugh AT him, but he's so full of himself he has no idea.


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