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Thread: Genos newest pic...

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    Here's the NYT article about Chrebet and his day to day struggles because of concussions.

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    Doesn't Wayne currently work for Barclays and frequently attend speaking engagements? He's admitted that he still feels the effects of his playing days, but to act like he's some kind of non-functioning vegetable seems disingenuous and frankly a bit insulting to me.

    He did appear a little awkward at the draft (he told someone on Twitter that he didn't want to interfere with the moment) but I think some people are reading far too much into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neonleon29 View Post
    How do you get off saying this on speculation alone? The guy is completely fine.

    He consistently tweets out what hes doing and his daily routines and comes off completely normal.

    Looks like hes just fine behind the wheel.

    Speculating with nothing to back it up besides how he sounded announcing on live television is just wrong.

    Heres a tweet from earlier that was quiet funny.

    waynechrebet: Spending the day with my little guy Griffin. Only one bad diaper so far. He's taking it easy on me.

    heres on on the Geno pick.

    waynechrebet: It's not so much that I liked the pick. I felt for the kid. I like the competition. If anything going to get Mark to step up. It's this.

    and heres one about Tebow

    waynechrebet: Can he make it as an every down QB? I don't think right now. Hate to say that. But he belongs on an NFL roster. What a wasted year.

    So guys please before you start speculating on his health condition have more to back it up than how he sounded in a situation all of us would be nervous.

    It is a well known fact that Chrebet has been suffering from serious post concussion issues. I saw him once say in an interview himself that somedays he can't even find his way home in his own nieghborhood without a GPS. And twitter proves nothing, while it may legitimatley be his account, you have no idea who is actually typing in the posts. Could be is great Aunt Sally for all you know.

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    Wayne looked fine to me. I am sure he has his good days and bad days.


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