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Thread: I swear JI has turned into....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sourceworx View Post
    This. So this.

    I love the notion that the Jets ruined Sanchez because Tebow was brought in. That is 100% pure bullsh!t, regardless of the fact that Tebow sucks. If Sanchez had any balls, the Tebow trade would have lit a fire in him to rise to the occasion. I don't remember if it was Rich Gannon, or someone else who said at one point last season, that Sanchez's reaction and attitude should have been "the only way this guy is taking my job is over my dead body." And whoever said it was absolutely right.

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again, look at how Drew Brees reacted in San Diego after the Chargers drafted Phillip Rivers. He didn't lay down. He didn't hang his head. He didn't feel bad for himself. He went and played his best football. He made it impossible for the Chargers to take him out. And the only reason why they let him go in free agency was because of his shoulder injury. Otherwise he'd still be there.

    THAT is how a true competitor reacts.

    Sanchez, on the other hand, gave up. I was a big supporter of Sanchez going into last season. I wanted him to react the way Brees did. But he did the opposite. And that's why I want that weak f*cker off this team.
    Man I really had to sift through a ton of BS to finally get to a great post. Some of you guys really should take a break and watch some porn every now and then.

    Being in Sanchez's apologist camp basically ended for me as well for the exact reasons you stated. Sure the revolving doors of WRs, OCs, OLs probably did him no favors, but it was pretty clear to any avid fan that he failed to step up and, in fact, seemed to fold in every pressure situation.

    Pretty disappointing for all of us and I'm looking forward to Garrard taking the helm and, at the very least, bringing some much needed leadership to this team.

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    It was 1000000x worse when Tebow was on the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SizzleBear287 View Post
    It was 1000000x worse when Tebow was on the team.

    nothing worse than the adoring Tebow acolytes and disciples

    happily, there appears to be only ONE of the "Jet fans since March 12" boneheads still posting here and he's probably working on finding an Omaha Beef of the Nebraska Arena League fan message board to infect as we speak...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sourceworx View Post
    We have a walking turnover machine as a QB, and can't get rid of him. That dims every other aspect of the team, no matter how positive.

    Throw in a local sports media that loves to pick on a fanbase that's largely made up of people who are dumber than Helen Keller, and you have the current situation in Jetland.
    With all due respect, Helen Keller was quite intelligent. You do her a disservice to compare her to the riff-raff who visit this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by long island leprechaun View Post
    With all due respect, Helen Keller was quite intelligent. You do her a disservice to compare her to the riff-raff who visit this site.
    And a Communist to boot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetstream23 View Post
    This only sounds good in your head. Don't let your obsession with firing the only coach to take the Jets to 2 Conference Championship games ruin you. You used to be a solid poster.
    HaHAAAA! Nice!


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