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Thread: Jets getting love from Liberal circles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post

    Mainejet is the worst kind dingbat stupid sh*t I've ever seen. The posts aren't even worth the time spend preparing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 24 View Post
    This isn't a political post. It is about a player drafted by the Jets..... You can't forcast what becomes of it
    So a topic with the word liberal in the title is not political. Do people think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCBNY View Post
    So a topic with the word liberal in the title is not political. Do people think?

    Just saying he was getting some love from a specific group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 24 View Post
    Just saying he was getting some love from a specific group.
    I've never seen a thread titled "conservatives give love to player X" when somebody posts a new york post article. What does political affiliation have to do with an interview with one of our players? Title was meant to illicit a response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotch View Post

    As a young conservative, I've grown tired of Fox News' independent slant - and yearn for a cable news source that is more in line with my conservative principles.

    Do you have any recommendations for news sources more "to the right" than Fox now that Leni Riefenstahl has stopped making documentaries?
    LOL! FTW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    People have such revisionist history when it comes to that. Never mind the FACT that B. Clinton, A. Gore and John Kerry are all on record stating that there were WMDs, people now act like it was some fabricated story made for Hollywood.

    Benghazi is going to be a s**t storm for this administration. The levels of cover up are criminal, and much of the media is complicit with this.
    It was a made up story. Powell and Rice said in 2001 that Saddam was no threat and didn't have WMDs. They knew he didn't have anything. From their own mouths:

    And no, these are not taken out of context. The transcripts of these are readily available. Here it is: http://www.informationclearinghouse....rticle4810.htm

    The Bush administration are the real criminals. Lying sacks of ****.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sameoldjets View Post
    considering that the libs apparently think wmd's are in the eyes of the beholder (see what they call assault weapons in the wake of newtown) it is safe to say that saddam did indeed have them. but we all must remember that decisions are made on the best available intelligence at the time. just about every western intelligence agency claimed that saddam not only had wmd's but also that he was actively pursuing yellowcake. and the simple fact that we have not found any (or at least are not admitting it) doesn't mean they weren't moved like to syria for pinhead assad. i remember reading an article in the financial times that was buried that indicated that saddam before the iraq invasion was trying to purchase yellowcake (uranium ore) from nigeria. of course joe wilson (a drunken bum) couldn't find any evidence.
    Funniest thing I've read in a long time. Thanks for the laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet Nut View Post
    Now what FOX is or isn't has exactly what to do with the Huffington Post?

    I never get the point of this response.
    deflection and obfuscation. its so they don't have to deal with uncomfortable questions/issues....


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