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Thread: What's the Jets record if things all work out?

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    I'd say ... If all the planets align ... 7-9.

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    6-10 with plenty of excitement from the youngsters..

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    Just my gut feel...

    If all works out and the rookies (Millner, Richardson, Winters, Bohanon who I think all start) play like developing/future solid/star players + we see some development from Hill at WR, and an upgrade at RB w/Ivory+ others as well as continued growth from some of the other younger starters (Coples, Davis, etc.)...

    Or otherwise a perfect storm... This is a 8-10 win team...

    But when you put it all down a lot needs to happen and despite all the optimism in the world, it almost never works out the way you hope it will.

    With that, this is probably a 5-6 win team. Just good enough to not get a top pick.

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