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Thread: Whats Kris Jenkins Problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
    "See the thing is at the end of the day, the Jets haven't put themselves a place to contend at the end of the day. The players they have picked up to replace the players that needed to be replaced aren't gonna do it for you at the end of the day. Because at the end of the day the Jets front office hasn't done a good enough job retooling the the end of the day."

    "at the end of the day" has become the unofficial phrase for people who can't think of anything else to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neonleon29 View Post
    I swear its like he blames his two knee injuries on the Jets.

    Hes heavily criticized the Jets since he left and sometimes rightfully so however this time its pretty obvious hes just looking to sh*t on the Jets.

    I dont know if anyone saw it, but after we selected Milliner with the 9th pick he tweeted out that we just drafted another Kyle Wilson
    That's the ultimate insult alright.

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    Think he has aspirations to get a national gig.

    Seems like a good way to get there is to publicly rag on the Jets, to add to the white noise about the team.

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    If he posted that on draft night he was probably like most of this board (I think thats how the final vote went) that wanted us to draft Chance W at 9 and was dissappointed when that didnt happen.

    Looking at the draft from a broader perspective and with time to cool down, I've come to like this draft, but I can't hate on anyone tweeting in anger that night. I was so angry when we let Warmack go to Tenn, because CB was so deep this year, but heck, with us taking Winters at 3, maybe we felt the draft was deep enough at G too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    It's way over the top to be criticizing big Jenk. At least he has the courage to tell it like it is, unlike most of the phonies on this site. I'm happy he's still involved with the NYJ from a media standpoint.
    So courageous to tell it like it is - Dee Milliner is the next Kyle Wilson. Like he'd know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsMakeMeCry View Post
    i'm fine with kris jenkins opinions because, despite what op thinks, he's not looking to s*** on the jets, he actually loves them and is passionate about them and wants them to do well.

    He's just now starting to really feel the true frustration that is being a JETS fan.
    He's clearly a JETS fan. I like that he says what he thinks but the Kyle Wilson thing was a little far. He wanted them to get a NT.

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    How many games did he actually play as a Jet, 5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bman View Post
    How many games did he actually play as a Jet, 5?
    Close 23..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    So courageous to tell it like it is - Dee Milliner is the next Kyle Wilson. Like he'd know.
    Clearly more courageous than you'll ever be. All you ever do is sit back and reply to other posts with snide remarks. You'd never go out on a limb even to save your own life.

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    They should hire Kris as the D-Line coach, although TV is a better gig than coaching.

    If he doesn't get hurt in 2010 we win the superbowl. Guy was a freak of nature up the middle.

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    I like Big Kris, he was a monster NT for us that nobody to date has been able to replicate at the position. The Jets haven't just pissed him off over the last couple of years they've pissed us off and the NFL off too. The new GM and OC have given us hope again, so maybe Big Kris will get onboard when he starts seeing results from it. I think he just wants the Jets to win and is frustrated when they don't.

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    Kris Jenkins is bitter the Jets wouldn't give him another contract after it became obvious in 2010 he would never be healthy enough to get on the field again.


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