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Thread: Patriots release Kyle Love - Can he sue?

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    Got to love this stuff the Pats released 2 defensive linemen this past week and the agent puts out some news and it automatically becomes "he was cut because of diabetes". lol

    Every rumor that puts the Jets in a bad light is BS and every rumor that puts the Pats in a bad light is true. Geno isn't a Diva but the Pats cut a player they wanted to keep for diabetes. lol

    The same people who jump all over Jets rumors as false believe every rumor that doesn't relate to the Jets as the gospel truth lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuidoYaztremski View Post
    Meh. You read that fallacy here about as often as you read how great a businessman Woody Johnson is because of the huge success of Johnson & Johnson, a company his family won't let him touch, much less work for.
    No one credits Woody for the success of J&J, thats not true.

    And J&J hasn't been lead by a Johnson since 1963. To say that the family won't let him touch, much less work for is stupid.

    That anyone believes Love, who started as many games as he has for any other reason today is FOS.


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