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  • Jeremy Kerley

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  • Stephen Hill

    8 21.62%
  • Nick Mangold

    5 13.51%
  • Austin Howard

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  • Other

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Thread: Which Jet best exemplifies "homerism" on this board?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetglass View Post
    Which Jet best exemplifies "homerism" on this board?

    It is a question analyzing the discrepancy of the inflated opinion of certain Jets we have on this board. Which Jet player do you think signifies the biggest discrepancy between our opinion of him on this board, versus how good he really is and how he is perceived by other NFL fans?

    1. Kerley- Good slot receiver. Elite #3 receiver. But it seems some fans on here think he is amazing and could be a great #2. But he doesnt seem to get open that much other than the 2 big plays he usually makes per game.

    2. Hill- Couldnt catch a cold last season. Yet all I keep hearing is that he has all the talent in the world. Based on what?

    3, Mangold- Still among the top at his position, but you would think reading on here his play hasnt declined at all in the last 2 seasons.

    4. Howard- This to me is the most baffling one. I have read at least a few times on here that he was solid for us last year. He was solid the first 6 games, but after that I dont think he was any better than Hunter 2 seasons ago.

    5. Other
    You should have just started a thread titled, "I'm smarter then everybody" so then we could all ignore it. And the correct answer is Sanchez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    The rookies. Every year after the draft people project 4-5 day 1 starters, and that they'll make a major impact. In reality it's a huge jump from college to the pro's and very few rookies make any impact year 1. Many turn out to be complete busts.
    +1 and count me as guilty again this year. I always think we may have hit the 1974 Steelers jackpot. At least until training camp starts and often longer than that.

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    Voted for Mangold- based on where each player is at in his career- Mangold is a perennial Pro Bowler based on name recognition but his play declined last year along with the rest of our O-line. I don't think too many Jets fans are that enamored with Kerley (we like him but don't think of him as our #1 receiver), Howard (unless they're still celebrating that Wayne Hunter is gone), and especially Hill (some of us, myself included have high hopes for him because he's only going into his second year).

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    The correct answer is Keller, Landry, Harris, Pace, then Moore, and Slausen. On the list I'd have to say Mangold, but only slightly, and Marty should suit him better. That and playing with new guards should re energize him. Moore is on his last legs, and Slausen is an average pass blocker, and a jag run blocker. Thankfully Idzik does not ascribe to homerism. Keller is just a big receiver, who cannot stay on the field, and he's only 6'1". Landry was good compared to what we've been used to, but he is undisciplined, poor in coverage, and unlikely to have another injury free year. Harris will, be gone after next year, and hopefully some youngsters will step up, and make Pace unnecessary, even at his reduced rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parafly View Post

    He's overrated by Jets fans. A solid player, but nothing special. His ceiling is Jerricho Cotchery.

    He's still young. I hope he proves me wrong.
    Are you kidding me with this? I'll take eleven, please.

    One of the most consistent Jets ever; everyone forgets that a clutch athlete will make all the stars look great.



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