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Thread: Portland Timbers - Make a Wish

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    Portland Timbers - Make a Wish

    This has made the rounds, especially int he US, and I think Sportscenter did a feature on it, but if you have seen this. Cool stuff by the Portland Timbers (MLS team).

    PORTLAND — After missing his team’s final soccer game last season because of cancer treatment, 8-year-old Atticus Lane-Dupre made sure his teammates were in on his wish to scrimmage against the Portland Timbers.

    On Wednesday, the Timbers and Make-A-Wish Oregon treated Atticus’ team, the Green Machine, to a game at Jeld-Wen Field. More than 3,000 fans came out to lend their support.

    The Green Machine beat the Timbers, 10-9. Atticus scored the winning goal off a corner kick in the final minute. Portland coach Caleb Porter, leading the Green Machine for the occasion, lifted Atticus in celebration.

    “Just how we drew it up,” Porter laughed.

    Atticus’ response afterward was typical of a star-struck 8-year old: “I had lots of fun.”

    The Timbers Army supporter’s group turned out en masse and provided songs and chants, tweaked a bit to honor the Green Machine. Commemorative scarves were made for the event and the Timbers set up a locker room for their young opponents. Hanging in each locker was a green jersey with one of the boys’ names imprinted on the back.

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    Great stuff all around. Especially the 3,000 fans that came out. That's awesome.

    Pure class from everyone invloved

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    That is so great. This is what I love the most about Americans I've never seen a sense of community so strong in any of the other places where I lived.

    Great honor for all involved just perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Turk View Post
    That is so great. This is what I love the most about Americans I've never seen a sense of community so strong in any of the other places where I lived.

    I was thinking the same thing after they caught the second Tsarnaev brother and they showed the whole neighborhood applauding the cops and chanting 'USA, USA..". While I find the chanting a bit tacky it also shows solidarity I know I'll never see here. Last year we had a terrorist attack in Toulouse which prolly didn't get much world press. A young Arab kid turned radical and went on a 2 week killing spree, killing 6-7 people, can't remember. Shot some Jewish kids and parents going to school. The whole city lived in fear. Cops finally find him, standoff, 24h negotiations gave nothing. Cops went in a put a bullet in his head.

    No applause from the neighborhood, just criticism for not being able to bring him in alive.

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    That was awesome, I had heard about this but this is the first time I've seen it. Amazing job by the Timbers, class act all around


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