So it looks like Tims career may not include the NFL, CFL, or NFLEuro. Plans are preliminary (just last nights dream), but im thinking of creating a candy sucker pop named the TeaBlowPop.

These 3 suckers would run off the same engine as traditional gum centered pops, but with a few twists.

Black, Green, and Oolong flavors all moderately sweetened, with a sugarfree xylitol enriched gum center. Tim must hate decay. After your pop is done, there will be a verse of scripture that is revealed on the stick for your later perusal. Rapid release biodegradable sticks and wrappers for a healthy environment.

Would these be a real hit on the east coast? I think people out here would like the in the warmer months, and heck maybe into fall.

Would i need Tims permission for this? Should i consider the Shark Tank, or a copyright?

More importantly, would you buy a TeblowPop?