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Thread: Jets sign Ben Obomanu

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    Jets sign Ben Obomanu

    via @nyjets

    The New York Jets have signed WR Ben Obomanu and have placed QB David Garrard on the reserve/retired list.

    He's been on the Seahawks for the last few years. He'll be another part of the group competing for the 4th and 5th WR spots.

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    The end of the Beard.

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    Idzik liked Ben Obomanu over Braylon Edwards.

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    Ben was a terrific special teams player and a dependable receiver. He severely injured his wrist and was lost to the team. He had a 2.9 contract. Apparently he can do what Braylon could do and even more.

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    Go Jets!

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    Seahawks fans seem to love this guy - a player with some talent who always gave 100% and added real value on special teams. Also supposed to be great in the locker room. Nice signing.

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    Obo can challenge for #4 or #5 and play specials too, Jordan White is in danger of not making this team now.

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    Thanks to Obomanu and his kronies, we'll be seeing a lot more pick6's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    Thanks to Obomanu and his kronies, we'll be seeing a lot more pick6's.

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    Another terrorist!

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    In reality this guy isnt going to make much of a difference, but in madden ben obomanu is a god that catches everything and is quick as f**k

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    This year's Chaz Schillens.

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    Isn't he a terrorist?

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    So the WR group now consists of:


    Are there names I'm missing and how many will be kept? 6/7?

    Here's to hoping Hayden Smith turns into the Aussie version of Gates...

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    Sucks BrayBray won't be back... However if anyone of these recievers nose dive hopefully he will be on speed dial. As far as Obomanu goes lets see what he got. If he is a number 5 that does well on special teams then you really can't complain about the signing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFB View Post
    This year's Chaz Schillens.
    Sounds more like Aundrae Allison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Down, Set, Haiku View Post
    Sounds more like Aundrae Allison
    Who is that in your sig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Isn't he a terrorist?
    Only to Patriots cornerbacks

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    I like the signing. He was solid here in Seattle for a few years. Good value player and still can contribute on special teams. Better option than Braylon.

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    Man who cares about this. Bring back the Beard!!


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