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Thread: Reasons to be optimistic within reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by EM31 View Post
    Ermm.... The trade for CRO was all about the one year rental of CRO.

    Before we get all gushy about Tannenbaum please remember CRO was allowed to walk and test the waters of free agency after that one year rental. If Tanny had been successful in his pursuit of Nnamdi Asomugha then we would be the ones eating that abortion of a deal today and Cromartie would be playing elsewhere.

    We got lucky on CRO because nobody else even gave him a sniff for a long time even after Nnamdi went to Philly. Not exactly the result of brilliant planning by our former GM.
    maybe we did luck into it or maybe like the rest of the football world (peter king) thought Nnamdi was the better player. we will see if he was miss used or his skills eroded this year he will play man alot in san fran. oh and not giving Tanny credit for having Cro as his fall back for missing Nnamdi is unfair give the guy his due he needs to answer for the bad as well. he did trade up for Revis. he missed on the ghost big time there are lots of of in between

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    With all due respect, this is a tad optimistic. 4 games, then a solid NFL corner?
    Remember, he's not gonna try to step in as the #1 or maybe even #2.

    I honestly don't have an eye for "scouting corners" (hips mainly-don't know) but what I've seen looks pretty good:
    Not a lot of PI issues (that I've seen)
    Get's his head around, has a good grasp on becoming the receiver on the play.
    Seems to be able to tackle well.

    Most kids seem to struggle most about getting their head around... It seems like he's already used to that, which is pretty big, considering it was a huge problem for Kyle Wilson- who I think will be a lot better this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalChampion View Post
    Are we stacked to go to the Super Bowl? Probably not. Not that we can't get there, but I wouldn't bet my hard-earned money as a medical insurance fraud investigator on it.

    We're in the perfect position to improve substantially from last year and enter the up-and-coming category, though, and HERE IS WHY:

    1. Smith. I expect Sanchez to start the reason, and I expect that he won't stink the joint up, but at this point I'm not looking for him to make a comeback. By week 8, having gotten the benefit of seeing how the NFL game works, and Sanchez practices, which is from all accounts, better than he plays, I have no doubt that Geno will step in and perform solidly but probably without lighting up the world. Money is in year 2.

    2. Coples. Most players make their biggest jump between the 1st 2 seasons. Unlike the Rex of years past, Rex has been on Coples this year and isn't going to let him slide. I expect he will be a BEAST this year, a top 5 defensive player.

    3. Milliner. Corner is one of the positions where a guy can have immediate impact. I expect there will be growing pains replacing Revis for the first few weeks, but Milliner should be a solid player by the second quarter of the season.

    4. Idzik. Obviously a GM doesn't play, but I like the cut of him jib. He's obviously the kind of guy who methodically builds and doesn't recklessly chase something.

    5. Richardson. Seriously, is anyone going to have as stacked of a line as us?

    So all I'm saying is, don't count on us playing a Super Bowl in our home stadium, but don't be shocked if we make the playoffs either. Anything beyond that is just frosting and gravy, and means that the rebuilding is real and is getting results.
    There is no reason for a jet fan not to be hopeful. But to say that you would not be surprised to see the jets in the playoffs is a stretch.

    They might have a worse record this season than last and still be a better team. Losing by 17 plus points to teams with a winning record can easily be bettered, even if the result still ends up being a loss.

    I would not point to Coples as a reason for optimism,, the position switch concerns me and a much wider range of reads , not just pin your ears back and get into the backfield. But to a revamped oline, I did not think the oline was even decent last year. That combined with the WCO quick hits will help them keep the qb clean and relaxed in the pocket.

    I like Ivory over Greene when healthy, but how often is the guy healthy. that was the biggest knock against him in NO, not his skill.

    I don't know what good a GM is going to do from this point on inimpacting this season, long range- I agree with you.

    You don't know what Richardson will give you, you lose Devito and Pouha, move Coples to LB and you think the line is stacked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonEJet View Post
    As should the Pats.....lots of new players to work around Brady, with lots of promise. Should take the WR's a few years to grasp the system.

    You should also be excited to finally see a healthy Gronk take the field again.....when is the last time that guy was healthy?
    As I said....... Pats TE Rob Gronkowski will need back surgery in mid-to-late June, as @albertbreer reported. Gronk not expected to be ready for start of camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMJK View Post
    Things could go our way depending on the bounce of the ball. I could see this team making the playoffs if things go our way and we have an Offense that surprises.

    There are a lot of new pieces this season and it takes time for everything to jell; for that reason, I see us playing well but losing close games. 2014 could be special if we have another good draft and players start to become elite.
    I agree with you completely. We could have a great defense. I like our kicking game and special teams. There is new nastiness and experience on theOL plus an OC and QB coach with serious experience and credentials. Sanchez played bad last year. Who says he will play as bad this year? That is an unknown. Still as bad as he was we were 6 and 10! If either he improves or Geno steps up we could be serious contenders for the playoffs. Lets hope! It is May but ya gotta believe!


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