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Thread: Martin/Zimmerman Trial

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    CR enuff! Trayvon was a thug, Zimmerman was a was a perfect storm- there's no doubt in my mind Trayvon jumped him & was kicking his a$$ & he got one in the heart for it...I think you know that's what happened to- being in law enforcement you can make fairly educated guesses on what happened, right? Come on maaaannnnnnn
    If the kid bought a RC cola the joke of a web video would of stated he was about to use it as a smoking device for his weed addiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysGreenAlwaysWhite View Post
    Tucker is friends with him IRL, IIRC...

    There's no way those dudes discuss politics while pounding beers...
    You'd be right. He loves cowards like me!

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