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Thread: Any news from camp today?

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    Any news from camp today?

    Did anyone attend?

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    You can watch Rex's presser from today on the Jets site. 1st 10 minutes the camera is pointed at the wall instead of Rex. For the rest his voice is mismatched with the video like a 1960's Godzilla movie. God their webmaster sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slikmojet View Post
    Did anyone attend?
    Yeah, Tebow joined the Patriots yesterday.

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    Not so much on the webmaster as much as it's on the camera man. Seriously, he's the Sanchez of camera men.

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    Brian Bassett,
    Here’s some notes from today’s Jets minicamp practice at Florham Park.

    Rolling Deep — It sounds as if many of the players like the style of offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg’s West Coast Offense, but one of the reasons players seem to be taking a shine to it is that there is a vertical attack element to it that seems to be more pronounced than past Jets coordinators. While he might be the fourth man on the depth chart. QB coach David Lee said that Matt Simms has the best arm in that regard, but it’s his accuracy that holds him back.

    Go West, Young Man – When asked about Jets West, Mark Sanchez gave the right answer saying that “we’ll get to Jets West when we get there. Everybody’s always been invited.” Ah but will Geno attend? The rookie gave the press a “no comment” when asked if he was invited or whether or not he would attend. Uh oh … you know the media is waiting to put another nail in the “Geno is a brooding wet blanket” coffin, so what will he do? I think we all know what guiding principal will help Geno to make his decision … WWJZD?

    Death Race 2013 — Who’s winning the quarterback race? No one so far. QB coach David Lee said told reporters today that Smith wasn’t close to being a starter yet while learning OC Marty Mornhinweg’s offense, but he couched that statement by allowing that Smith is learning fast and could be ready to be the top man by opening weekend.

    Who’s Ready? — It might be the classic case of underpromise/overdeliver, but Santonio shocked reporters today by saying that he won’t commit to playing Week 1. He might just be playing coy, but if the Jets have to make do without him, it won’t be without precedent based on last year. Still, it will put much more emphasis on Kerley, Hill and whomever else emerges from the WRs as well as the tight ends and running backs. Hill didn’t have a good day and he heard about it from the fans in attendance. Unfortunately, when asked about Hill’s progress … Holmes said “Stephen, Stephen, Stephen … ” as the preamble to his answer, doesn’t sound like a good start.

    Enlisting a Soldier – While Mike Sims-Walker likely won’t be getting a contract, Kellen Winslow is getting some rave reviews as a receiver from Rex Ryan. “Having that kind of weapon? He’s such an athlete,” Ryan told the media. “Kellen’s never been a hired killer as a blocker, he tries, but as an athlete and a receiver? Whoo. Of the .. grey hairs I have in my head .. he’s contributed to some of those.”

    Running to Daylight — Jets RB Mike Goodson wasn’t at practice today as he had some meetings with his lawyer to work on his court case. Bilal Powell is fighting to claim his role in this offense with the additions to the team, but his role might be better suited in replacement if Chris Ivory as he’s less suited to competing against the speed and burst that Goodson can offer.

    Where’s the Deef? — Not much chatter about the defense today. Vlad pancaked (believe it!) Sheldon Richardson It sounds like Cromartie got a little too physical with Sanchez on a reverse play where Sanchez was out blocking and Holmes got on Cromartie, buuuut … not much going on it would seem.

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    You can pencil in Winslow as the Jets starting T.E. right now - and candidate for comeback player of the year. If he does stay healthy this is a reality. Sign the Beast!


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