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I do think Rex and Marty know they have a mountain to overcome this season. That said, both guys will be working in the league next season - whether it is with the Jets or not so while being a little desperate, I don't think it's the type of desperation where you abandon reason to win at all cost.

As much as none of the fan base wants to sit through any more of Sanchez's 80 yard passing games, starting Geno is extremely risky. What happens if we have Injuries or poor play on the OL or Ivory gets hurt, Geno is going to get destroyed. And the NY media will villify him as if it's all his fault.

About the chance we have is if Geno turns out to be the second coming of Russell Wilson.
This is what I was thinking when I started the thread, but it was so hard to imagine starting Sanchez after last year, I questioned Rex as a viable HC for staying with Mark and even considered Tebow as a option

but now it seems like there is a plan and I agree that Geno has to win the job beyond a shadow of a doubt, I hope that happens but prepared for Sanchez getting another chance