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Thread: "The Sanchez Drill" - Could it be the coddling is finally over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetrider View Post
    Coaches also taught the OL to give the QB a nanosecond to make a throw.
    Really bro, you're blaming the o line for Sanchez's struggles now? Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McClane View Post
    Apparently, even Sanchez is thankful that he's got coaches that attack his weaknesses and don't coddle him.

    Despite all the **** fans gripe about on Sanchez, the one thing that remains true is the kid genuinely does want to get better. He just hasn't been able to with the slapdicks he's been surrounded with his first 4 years... and I don't say that to imply it's all their fault, the reality is Sanchez has a low-ceiling, but the Jets lowered it further by surrounding him by boobs.
    Oh give me a break with this crap. Sanchez has had just about league average talent around him ever since he entered the league. As a first round pick, you should be able to do something with that by your fifth year in the NFL.


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