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Thread: I guess the Jets missed the memo that they supposed to stink this season

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    whats even funnier is that this team in the last 2 years won 8 then 6 games...yeah that's crappy but I looked at other teams the past two years who were much in the world can the jets be considered the worst team in football....I find it comical. This team will have arguably a top 5 defense....a good running game and who knows what at WR. Adding Winslow is a major upgrade. I actually don't mind all the pundits writing this team off....I see a team that's business as usual. They will not surprise me because I already feel they will compete in 2013.....more importantly they won't be surprising themselves.

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    I know its only June but somehow I get the feeling that this Jet team is going to be a lot better than all the world predicts. All these smart analysts and experts have been laughing at these Jets for 2 years now - and maybe deservedly so - but the tide has changed. The defense looks deeper and faster and we have Rex at the helm. The offense should have a decent running game. Anything in the passing game will be a bonus. Idzik and Rex and the Jets just aint buying this bs that Jets are the worst team in the league - ranked 32 . I love going into a season where little is expected but we know have have an up and coming team. It sure beats when we are expected to be good and we wind up stinking. Low expectations could lead to something special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycdan View Post
    You must have missed the camp reports. Unfortunately, a big part of football is where the QB throws the ball and someone on his team is supposed to actually catch it. This is not an area where the Jets currently excel.
    Camp reports? Err let's give the guys the courtesy of camp and preseason games to get acquainted!


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