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Thread: The Hot Sauce Threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Churchill View Post
    It's bad when I don't even understand how I'm being mocked....
    The man strangling the child is right! It's a dry mirth.

    3rd PAGE? dammit

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    Quote Originally Posted by BushyTheBeaver View Post
    Frae divolo (not diablo) sauce was invented in the US. So it's not not really Italian. Same way fortune cookies aren't really Chinese. It is good though. Love it served over mussels.
    Aye, of course. I suppose I shouldn't have said "Italian", tho it's somethign I generally see only in Italian (or "Family Style") Restaurants.

    And I was aware of the more Italian name, but I've noticed in recent years that name being dumped in favor of the more American-sounding, "hot" sounding name "Diablo" in some establishments.

    Also good to point out my favorite "Chineese" foods are almost all American inventions as well, and nothing like what is eaten in China.

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    my apologies for steering this back towards the of my favorite sauces sounds a bit like that you've described above...carrot+habanero+++great flavor and hot...awesome stuff...Iguana Gold. Sorry for no pic or link...

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